Online Auction scams Reviews – Is Yachtsalvage Legit or Scam?  


The review shows that this is a website that is a little bit different from your traditional auction website. You do not actually bid back and forth like you do at a regular auction. On, you bid by using a form that you print out and fill in and mail in to the company along with your deposit. 


Certified Sales Inc. is a legitimate company that sells yachts and other high end items on consignment. Typically these vessels are acquired through the owner, the insurance company or have been seized. Certified Sales Inc. has there offices. RI, MA and SC all have offices and each area lists their items on Another good place to look for deals on boats is using a service like  


How It Works


You can shop online and call the toll free number if you have any questions about the item you are considering. Once you decide what you would like to bid for the item you print off the bid form and enter your bid. You do have to enclose a check for the deposit on the bid you are offering. 


All bids are valid for thirty days. Once you send in your bid if you are the only bidder it will be presented to the owner of the boat and if they accept your bid you are good to go. If there are other bidders they will all be notified of your bid and have the chance to outbid you. 


The review shows that  all auctions are open auctions so bid information is shared freely. If there are multiple bidders on any boat than the highest bid will win when the auction closes. 


You will be responsible for getting your boat or having it transported to you. Reviews - The Good Stuff


I like this site they had quite a few boats listed some from as far away as France. Many of the boats are insurance salvage that need some repairs but if you are good with your hands or you know a marine craft specialist you may be able to get a really great deal on a really nice boat for pennies on the dollar. 


The site is easy to use most all of the boats I looked at had photos. The descriptions were honest and on point. It was an all-around good experience checking this site out. 



If you are in the market for a boat or some other type of watercraft you may just be able to find what you are looking for at this site. I would recommend the site and give it a big thumbs up for being easy to use, clear cut and posting the contact information for all of the offices! 


Subscription Price:$0 

Number of items: Many 

Geographical Location: Worldwide 


Overall, the reviews show this to be a legit site and not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like for finding deals on boats.  
 Reviews – Is Yachtsalvage Legit or Scam?





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