Online Auction scams Review – Is Govdeals Legit or a Scam?

The reviews show that this site auctions off government surplus items. There is no fee for a buyer to register but there is a probation period that is involved when you register as a buyer. This website is not open to the general public to sell their items.

The website is easy to use but there are a lot of legalities involved with using the website it is strongly recommended that you read the buyers agreement which is lengthy before you start to bid. It is important that you know what you can and can not do with the merchandise that you win.

The site is free so that is a definite plus. Nothing is better than free. There are plenty of categories to choose from when you start your shopping trip and it is my guess that you can snag some pretty good deals on office equipment and things of that nature. While there are a lot of listings on this site, most people prefer using a service like for finding deals online.

 As with any website there are two things that you want to know is the site safe and is the site reliable? There are a couple of complaints floating around in cyberville so you should proceed with caution. My personal dislike about this site is that there is no phone number and no address to reach anyone in charge of the site.

I really strongly dislike when a website such as does not post contact information. In my case they lose my business but it may not be that important to you. Review - What Others Have to Say

I wanted to see if I was just being paranoid about this site or if there were other people that felt there was just something fishy about this site. Some of the stuff really surprised me.

At Complaintboards -

“Gov deals does not care about those who bid on the items, over all the transactions I bid on nearly half were incorrect contact information. 20% of items were junk, or were not as described. Their customer support is the worst.. I was unable to pick up an item and was a few hours late. I got banned . In over a year I spent over $14, 780 in 37 gov deals auctions. That does not matter to them.”


i tried to register with i gave them all the personal info they required. they said they have to do some kind of background check. that's the last i heard from them. what are they doing with all that personal info? it's certainly not for MY security, since they won't even give me access to the site.”

There were equally satisfied customers. The one that surprised was from an anonymous commenter on that felt the site was collecting a lot of personal information for the feds.

I think this site is worth a shot. Keep in mind though you are responsible as the buyer for picking up whatever you win and if you default one time that is it you are out.

Overall, the reviews show that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however not as popular as for finding deals online.


Contribution By J Thompson