Online Auction scams Review – Is Bigdeal a Scam or Legit?

The review shows that this is a penny auction website. At penny auction websites you lose money right out the gate as you pay for each bid up front before you ever bid on anything. At the bids are seventy five cents a piece. While there are deals to be had at just about any penny auction site, most people seem to like using a service like for finding deals online.


Paying seventy five cents for each bid is a bit high by industry standards. Ultimately paying seventy five cents on each bid means you lose seventy four cents on each bid because each bid only has a value of one cent.

Losing that amount of money may not seem like a big deal but t adds up really fast. Think of it this way if you place ten bids they are equivalent to ten cents but in reality you are losing $7.40.

Penny auctions are generally rather deceiving.

The Inventory

At like any other penny auction site you will find the same inventory over and over again. There are tons of gift cards being offered up for a variety of retail and eatery outlets chain type stores and there are some electronics and that is about it.

You can almost be guaranteed that they majority of the people that are waiting to bid are there for the big ticket items that appear rather infrequently so when they do appear there are dozens if not hundreds of people bidding on them.

Competition is fierce and far too many people get carried away with the competition and actually wind up paying above retail after all is said and done. Remember one dollar is equivalent to seventy five dollars on this site. It does not mean that you can not find great deals and win great items but it does mean that you can also lose your shirt.

Some Reviews

In the case of penny auctions it is hard to decipher which reviews are from people that are sore losers and which reviews are from people that really were done wrong by the site.

At this one pretty much sums it up “I don't think that the auction site is a scam but you have to go into it with open eyes and without greed in your heart. I haven't decided to use the auction just yet but I might. At least if I do I won't cry foul if I lose money. I know the risks from simple research and a skeptical mind.”

This commenter offers sage advice. Know the rules and understand that you are going to lose money right from the start.

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Overall, the review shows that this is a legit site and is not a scam however most people prefer using a service like for finding deals online.

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