Online Auction scams Reviews – Is a Scam?

The review shows that this is a real estate auction website that offers properties from just about every realm of the Real Estate world. is not a unique site by any means but it may be one of the oldest sites by far. This site has been around for a while but it still has not perfected the online auction. While there are deals to be had on this site, you should read our free Auction Tutorial before placing any bids.

The Site

At the registration is free for buyers, agents I think have to pay a fee this was one of the problems I found with the site the information regarding registration is at best vague.

It is hard to figure things out on the site because frankly for me there is just too much information floating around. It can be a bit distracting on the site to find what you need.

I can definitely offer this advice; read every terms of service and fully understand the policies on the site before you bid on anything. There are some folks out there that have had not so great experiences with property closures that have left some negative comments behind.

Other Issues

I have read on the web that some people have complained that there homes were listed for sale when they were not, of course this is on the web so it is not really verified but it is the only real gauge there is to judge a website.

There were quite a few complaints about the site that were quite lengthy posted on A few of the complaints involved being charged exorbitant fees for not being able to close within a specific time frame however according to the poster (buyer) it was the fault of the seller that the property could not close. Reviews - Bottom Line

Buying property at a reduced price is always very attractive whether you are an investor or someone looking for a home but in the end in most cases if something looks to good to be true than it is.

It is easy to be dazzled by amazing deals on real estate at but you have to really look at the overall picture and be sure that you understand the terms most people left complaints because it seemed to me that they did not read the terms of service.

Proceed with caution before you place that bid it will help you to avoid a lot of stress and aggravation down the road.

Overall, the reviews show this to be a legit site and is not a scam, however using a service like seems to be a more popular choice for finding bank owned properties.



 Contribution By J Thompson