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  • provides consumers free reviews on the latest online auction sites. Not sure if a site is legit or a scam? Read the independent reviews from consumers who have actually tried these sites and give actually customer feedback.
  • Review. The Propertyroom reviews show that this is a legit site and is not a scam.
  • Review. Is Govdeals a legit site or a scam? The reviews show that this site auctions off government surplus items. There is no fee for a buyer to register but there is a probation period that is involved when you register as a buyer. This website is not open to the general public to sell their items.
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  • is a website that is dedicated to auctioning off real property. This website lists property that is for sale from a host of different sources. There is property that is being listed by private owners, agents, tax offices, real estate companies and other sources.
  • is an online auction site that frankly I found a bit confusing. I hit the about us link but it came up blank. I checked out the FAQ page and found that this is an online market place that has very few fees.
  • Dealdash Review. Is legit or a scam? The review shows that this is another penny auction site. The site was launched in February of 2009 and is billed as the longest running penny auction site in the industry. The website offers items for fractions of the cost.
  • Review. Is Bidfun a scam or is it a legit site? The site is really nothing to write home to mom about. It was not that interesting and nothing really caught my eye on the landing page. There were a bunch of items but beyond that nothing said to me stay sit around for awhile.
  • Review. Is Quibids a scam or is it a legit site? The review shows that this is another penny auction site. Participation in a penny auction requires that you purchase bids to use at the auction.
  • Reviews. Is Beezid a scam or a legit site? The review shows that this is a website that is a penny auction site. As far as penny auction sites go, is clearly one of the best there is.
  • Review. Is legit or a scam? is probably the most trusted auction listing service on the web with listing to over 4000 online auctions.
  • Reviews. Does anyone know if is legit or a scam? At you pay for the ability to access the database that they have created that lists foreclosures around the country. The database is advertised as being up to the minute.
  • Reviews. Is a legit website or a total scam? Anyone have any complaints about
  • Review. Is Copart a scam or is it legit? is an auction website that sells cars. This site has been a staple for car parts for a long time
  • Review. Does anyone know if Bidcactus is a legit site or a scam?
  • Review. Is a scam or is it legit.
  • Reviews. Is legit or a scam? is a real estate auction website that offers properties from just about every realm of the Real Estate world. is not a unique site by any means but it may be one of the oldest sites by far.
  • Reviews. Is Webstore a legit site or is it a scam? is a unique online marketplace. At you can buy and sell items without paying any fees at all. This can be a great opportunity if you are trying to unload some goods and not have to pay to do it.
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