Online Auction scams Reviews - Is Webstore Legit or a Scam? is a unique online marketplace. At you can buy and sell items without paying any fees at all. This can be a great opportunity if you are trying to unload some goods and not have to pay to do it. There seems to be some good deals here although you should read our free Auction Tutorial before placing any bids.



There is also a catch to not paying any fees. You have to deal with the advertising. There are ads on the website that pop up this is how the website makes money. If you can deal with the ads, than it is a great way to save money on fees.

The Items

The reviews show that you can find a host of items everything from small trinkets to large electronics. There are only a couple of problems with the no fee structure. The first problem is that the ads can be annoying. The next problem is that frankly there is no checks and balances.

Most people do not pay the extra money to verify themselves which largely means that you may be doing business with someone that is not verified. Purchasing an item from someone that is not verified could pose a big risk.


Finding reviews for this site was no easy task. It was a bit surprising to find that there were not very many reviews. The site has been online since 1996 and you would think after that period of time there would either be a lot of happier users or a lot of unhappy users.

I found one site that discussed, offered this “But I do agree with Marilou, just be prepared for scammers seeing as this site is free for sellers you are guaranteed to meet a complete mix of great sellers as well as con artists too! Maybe you can also try selling there just to see how much traffic really goes there - this site may just be a viable alternative.”

That pretty much puts everything in a nutshell.

Be prepared to take some extra precautions when you plan on using this site to buy anything just in case. Always use a paypal account to buy anything and never agree to wire money.

Selling seems to be a bit safer. It may be a great opportunity to sell items since you do not have to pay any fees. This site has been around for awhile so I doubt that it is a scam.

Overall, the reviews show that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like for finding deals online.

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