Online Auction scams Review - Is Legit?

The reviews shows that this is a really cool auction website that was started by retired police officers and provided a way for government agencies to dispose of their surplus items. The site has grown exponentially and now includes not only government surplus but also overstock surplus from registered businesses.

Registration is free! You do not have to pay anything to browse around. You can start bidding immediately once you register. allows trusted merchants to sell so if your business is in order you may want to check out what can do for your sales. Beware though has high standards when it comes to their trusted merchants. They only allow 5-10 new merchants each year the application process is rigorous.

Most buyers report being 100% satisfied with their purchases. The buying process is smooth and every effort has been made to make the transactions go as smoothly as possible. You do have to keep in mind that unless otherwise marked all the items are used.

Buyer protection is at its premium at The site is easy to navigate and the registration process is simplistic. The contact information for the company includes email addresses, physical address and phone numbers.

This is a nationwide business that has a presence in many states. I can honestly say I have not read one bad thing about this website. The merchants that sell their wares (outside of government agencies) typically are selling products in bulk lots and they are checked out completely to insure that there is no funny business going on. Reviews - A Couple of Improvements

There are a couple of things that I think they can do to improve their website. Things like making a more comprehensive FAQ page. I would also like to see more information up front about vendors selling and what qualifications they have to meet to do so.  I honestly can say I can not find one other thing about this site that needs to be improved. Considering I am a pretty tough critic saying that there is nothing that really needs to be adjusted it is a pretty big deal.

This site is a great source for auction lovers. Everything that can be seized is listed on You can find just about anything from land to diamond rings. The prices are right and the environment is safe.

Overall, the reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like for finding deals online.


Contribution By J Thompson