Online Auction scams Review – Is Legit or Scam? is an auction website that sells cars. This site has been a staple for car parts for a long time. The site used to only be available to registered dealers but has in the last couple of years been opened to the public. There are deals to be had a, however you should read our Auction Tutorial Guide before placing any bids.

Overview now auctions vehicles off as well as car parts. The vehicles are not in tip top shape and typically come from insurance situations. The situations include wrecks where the vehicle was totaled by the insurance company or thefts where the insurance company also found the vehicle to be a total loss.

The Cost

Nothing in life is free! The review shows that registration is free which will allow you to buy one car that is worth up to $1000 which is not really realistic. So what you really have to do is pay the premium registration fee which is $200 non refundable and a $400 refundable deposit.

To get started on I would recommend joining for free and taking a look around to see if this site is for you. Two hundred dollars is a lot of money to lose if you do not find anything that you want so register for free and take a look around and than go back and give up the two hundred dollars once you find something you want.

Copart Review - Overall

This site has a good reputation it has been around for a long time in cyber space time which does point to a reputable business. A lot of people have found cars that they have saved thousands of dollars on.

On the down side of things, don’t expect to find a car in mint condition on this website you won’t. All the cars on this site have some sort of issues, it is your responsibility to make sure that you know what those issues are and whether you can handle the cost of repairing them.

You can save some money, but you should proceed with a reasonable amount of caution. It may be worth the investment to have someone local to the storage facility go take a look at the vehicle and advise you as to its true value.

Understand the terms and conditions of the auction before you start to bid to avoid any unforeseen issues.

This is a safe site to use but use your good sense before you start to bid and keep your expectations realistic.

Subscription Price: $200
Number of Items: Hundreds
Geography: Nationwide

Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam but most people prefer using a service like for finding a deal on an automobile.

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Contribution By J Thompson