Online Auction scams Review – Is Bidcactus a Scam or Legit?

The review shows that this is a penny auction website. There are a multitude of penny auction websites that are out there in cyber land and it seems the worst off the economy gets the more appealing penny auctions get. While we feel there are deals to be had at just about any legit penny auction site, you should read our free Auction Tutorial before placing any bids.

Overview as far as penny auction sites go does seem to be legit. There are always going to be people that complain about the penny auction sites. Most folks that don’t win complain the loudest.

The Cost

All penny auction sites require that you pay up front to purchase bid packs. You use the bids to bid on items. The value of the bid is typically one cent regardless of what you pay for the bid. is no different the cost of the bid is seventy five cents per bid but the value of the bid is one cent.

Seventy five cents is on the high end of industry standards. The range for bids is usually around forty cents to a dollar so seventy five cents is right up there on the high end of things. Here is the kicker for the extra money that you pay on this site when compared to other penny auction sites you don’t actually get anything extra.

Paying more for your bids does not increase the chances that you will win nor does it seem to increase the value of the inventory. This makes it a bit hard to persuade me that you should uses this site. After all if you are going to lose money at the penny auctions it is best too lose as little as possible. Review - The Site

The site is easy to navigate. It is well laid out. There is a toll free number for customer service that is clearly posted on every page. The site is informative and the FAQ addressed most of my questions.

I called customer service just to check to make sure someone answered the phone and they did on the second ring. This to me says reputable.

Overall needs to lower the cost of their bids. The bids are too high. There is too much competition out there from other like sites for them to keep those prices up they way they do. The inventory is average and what you would expect to find on other penny auction sites. The usual fare of gift cards and electronics is up for auction.

You can find cheaper penny auction sites out there and you should.

Subscription Price: $0
Number of Items: Hundreds
Geography: Nationwide

Overall, the Review shows that this is a viable legit site and is not a scam however most people prefer using a service like for finding a deal online.

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