Online Auction scams


Online auction sites are a great place to shop and have some fun while you do it. The problem with online auction sites is the scam factor. There are a lot of unsavory people online that are there for the sole purpose of ripping you off. We have tried just about every type of auction out there and our favorite is



Legit Or Not?


It is sad but very true that some online auction sites are a scam. Finding the right online auction sites means you have to do some homework to make sure that you are dealing with a legit site.  


Legit of not legit that is the question. Finding the answer is as easy as opening up your web browser and typing in the name of the site you are considering and the word scam. This search will bring up unsolicited consumer reviews.  


Using consumer reviews can be really helpful in determining whether a site is legit or not as long as you temper them with the knowledge that there are sore losers in the world. A lot of times someone will write a review that may not be 100% honest because they may have not been able to win anything.  


Of course if you come across nothing but bad reviews about whether a site is legitimate or not than you should probably avoid the site just to be safe. There really is not much difference between the online auction sites. They all offer pretty much the same merchandise. 


At most of the sites if you do not win the auction than you do not lose any  money except at the penny auction sites.  


Online Auction Sites for Penny Auctions  


Online auction sites for penny auctions are the exception to the rule when it comes to losing money at the auction. You can easily lose a lot of money at the penny auctions because you have to buy bids before you ever even enter the bidding.  


Online auction sites for penny auctions have to really be checked out before you jump in or you could lose a lot of money.  


Bottom Line 

Most online auction sites are legit. Most sites do offer you a fair opportunity to compete for items and again the penny auction sites are the exception to the rule. As with any online venture you need to go in with your eyes wide open to minimize your loses and to walk away as happy as you came. If you are new to the auction game, you should try a service like which is a safe bet for anyone.


Latest Reviews - is a website that is a penny auction site. As far as penny auction sites go, is clearly one of the best there is. The formula is very simple that makes this a winning site. While there are deals to be had at just about any penny auction. Click here to read the entire Review. - My issue with is not that you lose money as soon as you bid because well it is part of the reality of penny auctions. It is that they do not list any customer contact information this is a big no-no at least for me. Not being able to contact customer service at will really bugs me. It makes me feel like they have something to hide and it also makes me feel that they will not necessarily be as responsive as they should be. Click here to read the entire Review. - now auctions vehicles off as well as car parts. The vehicles are not in tip top shape and typically come from insurance situations. The situations include wrecks where the vehicle was totaled by the insurance company or thefts where the insurance company also found the vehicle to be a total loss. Click here to read the entire Review. Review - as a site overall is easy to use. There is a lot of information to digest on the site and some of the stuff is a bit hard for me to digest. Of course the primary goal of the site is to convince people to join the site. So making the site as flashy as possible to get your attention is par for the course. Click here to read the entire Review. - is a website that is dedicated to auctioning off real property. This website lists property that is for sale from a host of different sources. There is property that is being listed by private owners, agents, tax offices, real estate companies and other sources. Click here to read the entire Review.



Contribution By J Thompson